Monday, July 19, 2010

Wahhabi 'Peace' Pushers Revise History Soviet-Style

An editorial on Wahhabi website Arab News 'splains what's behind the failure of Israel and Palestinians to make "peace" with each other. I'll give you a hint: it's entirely due to the pathological intransigence of one--but not the other--side:
...Every Israeli leader has refused to recognize the Palestinians, first as a people and now as a nation. No Israeli or American leader has ever suggested that Israel commit to such recognition.
That is because Israel refuses to demarcate its own future borders. So Hamas is justified in asking whether one can recognize a nation with undefined borders. In fact, Israeli governments have glorified in their refusal to extend the recognition to the Palestinians that they demand from them. What we do know is that no one in the Israeli leadership is talking about a return to Israel’s borders that existed before the 1967 War, or probably anything close to it. It is certainly possible for the Israeli people to agree to accept the 1948 borders, the 1967 borders or any other borders they wish. What is clear is that Palestine has defined borders.

Anyone who follows Palestinian affairs knows that the creation of an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders remains a project in process, a dream to be pursued. The materialization of this project, the turning of this dream into fact, is what Palestinians want most.

Riiight! That--and not replacing the Zionist entity with a Muslim one from the river to the sea--is what Palestinians most want. And why would they want to get rid of Israel? For the same reason that many of the faithful yet pine for al-Andalus: i.e., to coin a phrase, "once a land has gone 'Slam, your (dhimmi) claim ain't worth a damn." The Wahhabis, the foremost and most successful purveyors of sharia in the world, prefer not to harp on that unfortunate truth, though, hewing to the words imputed to Islam's founder: "War is deceit."

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