Friday, July 23, 2010

Post Modern 'Suffering' in Gaza

In a letter to the National Post, Michael Bobroff of Edmonton directs our attention to civil engineering in "wretched" Gaza:
Forget the Gaza Mall -- Google "Al Deira Hotel in Gaza" if you want to truly pull back the curtain on the shameless propaganda of the "concentration camp," "Warsaw ghetto-like" or "humanitarian crisis" meme that so many wish to ascribe to the Gaza Strip, and of course blame the evil Jews for.

According to its website, the hotel is " architectural and artistic gem located on the sands of the Gaza coast ... Built in sun dried mud bricks, in a traditional style featuring graceful arches, vaulted and domed ceilings, hand crafted furniture and open interior spaces, the Al Deira brings to mind an contemporary palace overlooking blue Mediterranean waters." And just wait until you see the pictures.

Good to know the international media will now have a comfortable place to relax while they ignore the Gaza Mall story and write about how oppressive life is for the Gazans.
Thanks for the heads up, Michael. The hotel's site is indeed impressive: if Gaza's a "concentration camp," it certainly has tons of amenities that weren't available to Jews in Europe during Hitler's Final Solution (there being no spas and Farfour-like giant critters for the kids to romp with in, say, Auschwitz). And I have it on excellent authority--one Opera-loverOxford---that the hotel is "a haven of tranquility, with excellent service," which makes it ideal for exhausted flotilla members looking for some R&R and TLC post-floating.

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