Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TVO Celebrates Islamic Science

Your tax dollars in action: propagandizing on behalf of Islam funding the broadcast of a series devoted to Islam's contributions to science. (Did you know, for example, that we owe Muslims an incalculable debt for "inventing" the "scientific method"? Hey, it came as news to me, too.) Oddly enough, this early dedication to "science" seems to have waned/disappeared entirely when the Renaissance kicked in, and you will note the scant number of Muslims on the list of Nobel Prize winners in the areas of science and medicine. Mind you, they appear to have made great strides in at least one area: nuclear science.

Who needs NASA when you have TVO?


Jim R said...

Oh stop bragging scaramouche. :)

I bet you even question the few awards Islam managed to squeak through, despite the brain chastity belt Muhammad strapped on all his people. Most notable was a Peace Prize for Yassar Arafat, for which only the most war mongering, bigoted and biased nationalist could question.

scaramouche said...

Are you implying that Yasser didn't deserve the prize? Didn't he want every Israeli Jew to rest in "peace"? ;)