Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Islam: It's G-R-R-R-EAT!!

A South African TV interviewer asked Obie if Islam was at all implicated in some problems on the continent (the explosions in Uganda, the mess in Somalia, etc., etc.). Here's his Tony the Tigeresque response:
THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think -- look, Islam is a great religion. It is one that has prospered side by side with other religions within Africa. And one of the great strengths of Africa is its diversity not only of faith, but of races and ethnicities. But what you have seen in terms of radical Islam is an approach that says that any efforts to modernize, any efforts to provide basic human rights, any efforts to democratize are somehow anti-Islam. And I think that is absolutely wrong. I think the vast majority of people of the Islamic faith reject that. I think the people of Africa reject it.
Really? How does he know? Has he taken a poll? Asked around (asked, say, his own Muslim African relatives)? Or is it something he thinks should be true--in the same way that he thinks Islam and "radical" Islam are two diferent beasts, and that plain old every day Islam shuns supremacism and is compatible with basic human rights and democracy?

Has he ever even read the Koran? The hadiths? The new caliphate's Cairo Declaration?

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Has he ever even read the Koran? The hadiths? "

You mean, what exactly was he taught in the madrassa?
Well, to hate America for one thing, that's obvious.