Monday, July 19, 2010

Multiculti Fan

Multiculturalism--the West's suicidaly relativistic social dogma--is the Trojan horse that has allowed sharia to set itself up right under our noses. Is it any wonder then that Dr. Zijad Delic, the Canadian Islamic Congress's #2, thinks it's terrif and wants to see more, more, more?
...When compared with other failed models of multiculturalism in Europe, Britain or France for example, Canadian multiculturalism has resulted in remarkably peaceful inter-cultural relations. The major difference between our and other models is that Canada from the beginning has consciously defined itself as an officially multicultural nation and supported its policy with enshrined constitutional and charter commitments. It is only during the past several years that we have experienced dramatic governmental changes to multiculturalism - changes that have already damaged Canada’s image and society.
Don’t get me wrong: I still believe that Canada is a great nation and a land of vast potential and opportunity. But if the doors of opportunity continue to narrow and even close for large segments of its citizenry, our nation’s future history will be told in unrealized potential.
What we need today is to reinvest in the vibrant substance and optimism of multiculturalism as first envisioned in 1971 and thoughtfully adapt its application to the needs and aspirations of the present century; only by doing so now, will we ensure that Canada can once again be a world leader in the areas that really count. If we fail collectively to manage multiculturalism in light of today’s challenges, we will ultimately have only ourselves to blame.
A major first step in reviving the ideals of multiculturalism would be to dispense permanently with terms like "minority" and "majority," which serve only to reinforce discrimination in our discourse, for they distort our collective commitment to faithful and shared citizenship...
A major first step is to say "down with the collective" and "up with the individual"--for the "collective" is the way sharia looks at it while freedom and democracy hinge on people being considered singly, as individuals.

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Paul said...

... fro Ezra's column today.

Question 19 demanded Canadians define themselves according to ethnicity.

And “Canadian” wasn’t an option.