Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jews Play Whack-a-Mole With Hater Hossain

I'm sure you'll be relieved to know that Salman Hossain, formerly one of the strands in our vibrant multiculti kilim, currently Allah-knows-where (but suspected to be back home in his native Bangladesh) will no longer be able to post his genocidal insights re the Jews on his zestily-named website Filthy Jewish Terrorists. Trouble is, as Stewart Bell reports this morning, as soon as the Jews shut down one site, another quickly pops up in its place:
In his final post before the site went offline, Mr. Hossain wrote that "the Jews" were pressuring Go Daddy to take down his website but that he was in the process of moving it to another site, which used the same URL but with a different domain. "Like I stated earlier, it makes very little difference if they try and take down the server as I am moving it to another country's server where it will be much more difficult to take down and where they really and truly hate Jews."
But the National Post was able to locate that new server in Carlow, Ireland. Contacted by the Post, the Web-hosting company, Blacknight, quickly cancelled its agreement with Mr. Hossain's new website.
Oh well. No doubt the fellow who describes himself as "a regular Muslim supporting the jihad overseas" will find another outlet for his views which, all in all, are in line with much of the thinking in the Muslim world, even if Bernie Farber vows to be "a thorn in his side".

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