Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bronfman's Hearts 'n' Flowers 'n' Sunshine 'n' Lollipops 'n' Unicorns 'n' Rainbows

What drugs is Charles Bronfman on? Because anyone who could write this happy-dappy crapola must be on some sort of heavy duty anxiolytic/SSRI/mood booster:
...The idea that Israel and the Palestinians have, at long last, been given an ideal opportunity to come to a peaceful resolution of their long-standing differences might sound outlandish to some and heretical to those who think that Israel should now hunker down and prepare itself for armed conflict, or use the Egyptian crisis to gain more time to do nothing!

Despite the fact that the peaceful revolution has succeeded, Egypt will have many problems on the way to democracy. The first is its economy, which was already struggling before the protests brought it to a temporary halt. The interim government and its freely elected successor will have to provide major incentives to business to invest in equipment and create the job opportunities that the people are demanding. Those who massed in Tahrir Square and elsewhere throughout the country no doubt will lack patience. Those who have graduated from college and have been promised jobs by the former government must have access to them – not menial jobs, but the serious jobs that the educated youth expect in a sophisticated society.

As Egypt’s neighbour, Israel can help. Israel’s technological brilliance, her breakthroughs in so many fields, from irrigation to nanotechnology, can be of huge advantage to a new democratic Egypt that is in search of 21st-century jobs for its young people. The Palestinians are benefitting from an important increase in their standard of living, at least on the West Bank. That could be a helpful signal for both Jordanians and Egyptians that with the proper infrastructure economic advances certainly are possible.

But first, Israelis and Palestinians must end their conflict by establishing clear and recognized borders between two states living in peace. So long as they prey on each other, their ability to relate positively to the events around them will be hampered. In fact, from Israel’s standpoint, the status quo will have a profound negative influence.

Israel is no longer considered the David, surrounded by the Arab Goliath. Nor has it been since 1982. Israel is now viewed in the Arab world and beyond as Goliath, protected by the United States. It is seen as an occupier denying freedom to the Palestinians as surely as Hosni Mubarak denied freedom to the Egyptian people. As long as it fails to end the occupation, Israel will be seen to be on the wrong side of history.

That is a shame, for Israel, as the first democracy in the Middle East could do so much to help Arab democracy emerge from the ice age imposed by its autocratic leaders...
Yes, Israel, you had better get cracking and "help" Arab democracies...not want to heave your Zionist arses into the sea. Chuckles says, "End the occupation and everything'll be okay"--and he must know what he's talking about because he's really smart. Or rich. One of those, anyway.


Al the Fish said...

Scaramouche, since you have a passing interest (like passing a kidney stone) in the Human Right Mausoleum, I thought you might want to check out this article:

BTW- there are members of the Bronfman family who are on the board of the Tides Foundation, which funds anti-oilsands groups in Canada. Yep, that family has its collective head screwed on straight. /sarc off

Unknown said...

Just see how lovely and peaceful the Pals are towards Israel.

scaramouche said...

Thanks for the linkies.

scaramouche said...
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