Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Chip Off the Old 'Mouche

My 12 1/2-year old son made up this joke. I've added the odd coma and put everything in the same tense. Otherwise, it's all his:
Stephen Harper, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Ahmadinejad all die and go to heaven. So they are walking around and they see this man with a bunch of clocks. Netanyahu walks up to the man and says, “What are those clocks for”? The man says, “There is a clock for each country. Every time a country does something bad, the minute hand moves”! “Neat!” says Harper. “Where is Canada”? “Right Here!” says the man, “As you can see, it only moved a few times.”.“Where is Israel?” asks Netanyahu. “Right here!” says the man, “it has only moved once”. “Where is Iran?” ask Ahmadinejad. “It’s in Gods office," says the man, “He’s using it as a ceiling fan!"

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