Friday, February 18, 2011

Four Whole Days

That's how long it took CBS to reveal that one of its own, Lara Logan, had been sexually assaulted by thug-revellers in Tahrir Square. It has yet to broadcast the fact that the thugs, deranged Jew-haters, were screaming "Jew, Jew" during the assault.


Carlos Perera said...

On one level, "Jew" is used as a general pejorative by Moslems throughout the world, much as we might use "moron" to insult a politician wedded to fatuous convictions; in neither case does the insulter believe the literal truth of the insult. On a deeper, darker level, however, the animals who assaulted Ms. Logan may have been expressing a common--not to say universal--notion among Moslems, that Jews are to be found lurking in the background in all Western countries, but especially in the U. S., as the real powers behind the throne, pulling the strings of their puppets in politics, the economy, the military, . . . and the news media. So, even if the thugs did not actually believe Ms. Logan to be a Jew in a religious or ethnic sense, they quite likely felt that, being an American news reporter, she was the tool of "Elders of Zion" types, and hence effectively a Jew. These are people, after all, who think that Goebbels' _The Eternal Jew_ was a valid documentary.

scaramouche said...

La plus ca plus it's the same old pathological Judenhass.