Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iggy and the Sultans of Swagger Try to Off Oda

The latest controversy to roil the Trudeaupia: with one flick of her pen on the appropriate document, Tory Cabinet Minister Bev Oda changed anti-Zionist Christian charity KAIROS, long the beneficiary of taxpayer largesse, from a "have" to a "have not." Did she do it all on her own? Was she acting on orders from higher up? Who knows? And more to the point, who cares? While Michael Ignatieff's opposition and their media hyenas are doing their damnedest to flog the populace into a frenzy of outrage in the hopes of finally defeating the despised Harper Tories and their (booga booga) "hidden agenda," telling people they should be angry not to have to fork over millions of their hard-earned dollars to an outfit which, for both political and religion reasons, is heavy into replacement theology (the type that is working to help the poor "underdog" Palestinians "replace" the Jews' sovereignty in Israel) is likely to be a tough sell. One already has the sense that, even after days, and perhaps even weeks, of highest dudgeon, the odium re Oda (who, as BCF points out, bears an uncanny and unfortunate resemblance to late pop crooner Roy Orbison) is bound to fizzle out--another non-issue (a la the long gun registry, a la the census) that failed to gain traction with voters.

And, anyway, why should KAIROS get our money for something--something that goes against the interests of democracy in general and Israeli democracy in particular, that is? Sing it, Mark:

Well look at Bev Oda,
That's the way you do it--
You take your pen and include KAIROS out.
That is workin', that's the way you do it.
Turn off the spigot so there's little doubt
They're tryin' to install colonial "victims,"
Get rid of Jews--"replacement theology."
Wanna remove those Jew "occupiers."
They wanna trash the Jews' sov'reignty...

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