Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moo Moo in the Sky With Delusions

Addlepated Libyan potentate Moo Moo attributes the current uprising in his land to--get this--Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda drugging the revolting populace with hallucinogenics. (In that case, wouldn't they all be sitting around, staring raptly at the groovy, psychedelic colours?) Oh, well. At least he isn't blaming the Jooos (at least for now).

Under the influence of no drugs whatsoever, I was inspired to revise a Groucho number:

Libya, oh Libya,
Say have you seen Libya?
Libya the fractured nation?
It's got Moo Moo--he's so crazy
LSD'd folks very dazy.

Libya, oh Libya
That pain in the tibia.
Libya the next domino.
It still sits on the UN HRC.
It plotted the crime over Lockerbie.
And it harbours the blighter who did that deed.
You can barf a lot from Libya.

Update: Moo Moo in pictures, from slim and sexy army officer to bloated, waxen freak.

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