Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mc the Knife

British novelist Ian McEwan dropped by the Jew state to get a prize--and, along with a local literary giant/useful idiot, to protest Jews building stuff. (Odd, isn't it, how the literati aren't apt to protest Arabs destroying stuff?) From YNet:
Renowned British Author Ian McEwan arrived in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah Friday to take part in a protest against Jewish settlement in the area.
The rally was attended by hundreds of protestors, including Israeli author David Grossman.
McEwan and Grossman, who in the past already joined such protests, spoke as they marched with the demonstrators to a square at the center of the neighborhood. The British author told Ynet that attending the protest was a "great honor."

The writer, who is in Israel to receive the Jerusalem Prize, said that he hopes there would be no need for him to attend such protests in the future, but added that unfortunately this was not likely...
The irony of being able to protest in the region's one and only true democracy (and the world's one and only Jewish state) is apparently lost on the Great Writer, who, ironically, deploys irony all the time in his novels (more than a few of which I've read).

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