Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tahrir Square 'Freedom-Lovers' 'Monkee' Around

The wannabe shahids bellow: "To Jerusalem we are heading, martyrs in the millions." 

Here's a preview of their martyrs' marching song:

Here we come,
Crushing infidels.
We get the sunniest looks from

Hey, hey, we're the martyrs,
And Allah says there's virgins galore
Once we've died in battle--
The kind that's full of guts and gore.

We're just tryin' to spread Islam,
'Cause it's the best faith around.
So you better get ready
We're gonna come into your town...

Update: Here's another Monkees tune, in honour of Mahmoud Abbas's Cotler-sponsored "Shmooze With Canuki Jews" tour:

Oh, he could fly 'neath the radar
But he's aimin' to go far--
Bring Abu Mazen here for one big shmooze.
Ah, but the Arab world's a mess
So there's no chance of success,
And now it looks likes there's too much to lose.

Wise up, Irwin C.
Re-write history?
You're a daydream believer
And a ho-opeless lefty-ee-ee-ee...

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