Monday, February 21, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Who is the most disgusting self-loving, Israel-loathing Jew of all? One could easily nominate, say, the Code Pink Jewesses, or Little Jenny Peto, or even A-jad's Neturei Karta nutjobs. For me, though, there is nothing quite so sick-making as the sight and sound of a Jewish survivor of the Nazi death camps assisting the revived jihad against the Jews by slandering Israel as the new Nazis in front of an Islamist crowd.

Mister, you win the prize!


Carlos Perera said...

Not that this mitigates the odiousness of the anti-Zionist Jews you cite, but they are part of a much wider phenomenon (e.g., Jean-Paul Sartre, William Sloane Coffin, Karen Armstrong, nearly the entire UC Berkley humanities faculty, . . . ), the repugnance that so many in the West have come to feel toward their own civilization, which, to borrow from Winston Churchill, is the worst . . . except for all the rest.

scaramouche said...

You're right, of course. But I think a Jew who came through Auschwitz crapping on Israel to a Muslim crowd is about as heinous as it gets.