Friday, February 18, 2011

Cultural Self-Abnegation in Action

Here's how it works in the multiculti paradise: our commitment to "inclusiveness" and "diversity" is such that we are required to be tolerant of every cultural heritage save our own. Viz this kerfuffle in Montreal over a cross:
The cross on the wall of Montreal's city council chamber will stay put for the time being even though a human rights tribunal ordered the city of Saguenay to remove the cross in its city hall.
Montreal councillors — even those who are uncomfortable with the cross — say pushing to have it taken down isn't worth the fight that might result.

Prayer was abolished from city council meetings, after a complaint in 1987, but the cross remains. It's been on the wall of the council chamber since 1954.

Coun. Marvin Rotrand tried to have the cross removed in 2002. He said he was swamped with calls from citizens who wanted it to remain and who said it was a cultural symbol more than a religious one.

"I feel uncomfortable every single council meeting. I don't think it should be there. But I've learned to pick my battles," Rotrand said Friday.

Nearly a decade later, he said, council still doesn't have the appetite to wade into a debate over the cross.

"I think the way the councillors see it now is that the crucifix on the wall is just a secondary issue. If we don't have this debate, and get everybody upset at everybody else, perhaps we can score some points elsewhere by incrementally building contacts between communities," he said.

Rotrand said all parties on city council are serious about promoting cultural diversity in Montreal...
Indeed. "Cultural diversity" promotion is in. Judeo-Christianity promotion (the basis of Western civilization) is outta here--and something to be ashamed of. Thus do we multiculti-besotted imbeciles, ashamed of our own civilization, bow before those whose civilizational confidence is unmistakable--and unshakable.

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