Monday, February 28, 2011

Self-Righteous Zion-Loathers Make Life a Nightmare for Shop Owner; Politicians Apply Band-Aid

From the Montreal Gazette :
MONTREAL — A framed motion of support from Quebec politicians is very nice, but not as nice as conducting business in peace, according to the woman whose shoe store has become the target of anti-Israel protesters.
On Saturday, three members of the provincial legislature presented the owners of Le Marcheur with a framed copy of a motion agreed to on Feb. 9 by all but one member.

“It is a form of compensation for almost six months of harassment and we will find a good place on the wall to hang it,” said Ginette Auger who, with husband Yves Archambault, operates the store.

Since Oct. 2, a Montreal-based human rights group has protested outside store on Saturdays, asking customers to boycott the store because it sells a line of shoes made in Israel.

Archambault, who has owned the family-run business for 25 years, refused “to be told what I can and cannot sell in my store.”

The Israeli-made shoes are neither illegal nor made in a sweatshop, he noted Saturday.

While she supports her husband’s stance, Auger said the position has caused them some concern about loss of business and their own security.

“While we appreciate (wide political support) and media attention, we didn’t want it. We

We wanted peace but this seems to be the only way to get it,” she said...
But why should you have "peace" when Palestinians suffer so?

Er, sorry. I was channeling insufferably sanctimonious BDSers there for a second, and, boy, was I ever filled with sweet, sweet rage. Thankfully, it has passed.

In "honour" of shoe boycotters and other Zion-despisers I'm going to go out and buy a pair of Naot shoes (the ones giving boycotters conniptions) today. I'd urge you to do the same, especially if you live in Montreal and can show your support for this feisty store owner. (You can buy Naots online, too.)

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