Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Rest for the Query

Mark Steyn asks some pointed questions about the dark side of Cairene revelry:
How exactly did Miss Logan "become separated" from her crew? How can even 200 savages perpetrate group sexual assault on a naked blonde western woman in a square filled with hundreds of thousands of "peaceful" "freedom-loving" "democrats"? And, bearing in mind that photograph of poor Lara from moments earlier, let's not overlook the most obvious question of all: How could her bosses at CBS News be so stupid as to believe the we-are-the-world sludge they pour down their viewers' throats?
Ignorance is bliss? Works for me, anyway.

Update: In an irony that as far as I can tell no one has yet commented on, the hometown of CBS correspondent Lara Logan turns out to be Durban, South Africa. In recent years, the name "Durban" has become synonymous with efforts to destroy the one genuine democracy--and the one non-failed state--in the Middle East, disguising what would essentially be a sequel to the Hitler's Final Solution by tarting it up in the sheeps' fleece of "human rights." As we speak, the latest round of "screw the Jew-state"--part and parcel of the Durban agenda to excise the Jewish tumour from the regional map--is being planned for dhimmi campuses in Dar al Harb. No doubt the barbarism of the Arab world, including that unleashed on a Durban-born blonde reporter, will be ignored as the Israel-bashers, an irony-immune bunch the lot of 'em, whinge and rage about Israel's unforgivable chutzpah in insisting on its right to be treatment of downtrodden, "occupied," Palestinians.

Update: Jeff Jacoby writes:
PERHAPS THE MOST SHOCKING THING about the despicable sexual attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo's Tahrir Square is that to those who know Egypt, it wasn't shocking at all...

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