Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where's The Feminist Outrage Over Lara Logan's Gang-Rape

You can expect crickets--and nothing but--from Western feminists over the misogynistic shennanigans in Tahrir Square. For, were they to acknowledge and publicly deplore the way Islam views rape, they would also have to acknowledge and deplore the excision of a girl's external genitalia, and sticking women into all-encompassing shrouds. And that would never do for women who view such phenomena through a relativistic, multiculti prism--as part of the National Geographic-ish exotica one can find throughout the world; as merely another culture's way of doing/looking at things, and therefore above reproach. No, for the sake of Kumbaya and all the lefty delusions that come with it, it's far better to ignore such unpleasantness and accentuate the positive--the desire for "freedom" and "democracy" among both men and (be-hijabed/burqa'd) chicks Egypt's Tianammen.

Update: As always, Mark Steyn captures the thought better and more succinctly than I can:
Western feminists are the go-to gals when it comes to overturning the entrenched patriarchy of 1950s sitcom dads, but they don't seem to have the stomach for more culturally problematic battles.
Exactamundo! The feminist take on it: Father doesn't know best and, more to the point, the old git is a racist, sexist a-hole who wants to lord it over us chicks.

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René O'Deay said...

Look who's being a mysogynist. There's been plenty outrage, if you'd care to notice. about both.