Friday, February 18, 2011

The Pain in Bahrain is Mainly Quite Insane

Can you imagine the hell-to-pay there would be if Israel behaved like this?


Unknown said...

The left and the MSM would excuse it as they usually do.. "We EXPECT better from Israel"..If I were a Muslim, I'd be highly insulted, apparently this excuse sits very well with Mohammed's followers.

Carlos Perera said...

Scaramouche, you silly child, don't you know by now that different rules apply to different folks? (Essentially, vicious criticism is allowed of national, ethnic, political, etc., groups whose members will respond to your vituperations by writing letters to the editor or, maybe, standing peacefully on the sidewalk holding a placard . . . but not of murderous thugs who will hurt you real bad if they think you have "disrespected" them or their beliefs.)