Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Open Letter to 2011 Israeli Apartheid Week Celebrants

Dear Judy, Jenny, et al,

Greetings, Zion-despisers. I read in the news that the streets of Tripoli have piles of bodies, the casualties of crazy Moo Moo Gadaffi who has turned on his own people in what appears to be a martyrdom-or-bust policy. Also au courant (though, given the lamestream media's romantic sensibilities re the Arab thirst for "freedom," not nearly courant enough)--CBS correspondent Lara Logan is said to be "recovering" from her serial rape by savage, misogynistic "freedom-lovers" in Tahrir Square who screeched "Jew! Jew!" as they brutalized her. And let's not overlook supremacist cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi, delighted to be back on home turf after an extended Khomeini-esque exile; welcome back, Q-Man! And that warm glow you may be feeling--that's Jew-love coupled with the glowing embers of Tunisian synagogue, torched by tolerant, loving Arabs.

In view of all that; and in view of the Arabs' ongoing persecution of Christians and chicks; and in view of the reality that the vast majority of the Middle East's map is already--in a word that was a favorite of a German "Yusuf" (Goebbels)--Judenrein; and in view of the fact that Israel remains the one bright spot in an otherwise dark and blighted landscape, you might want to reconsider your Big Lie antics for this year. If you go ahead with them under the aforementioned circumstances, you will succeed only in making yourselves--and not Israel, the object of your pathological derision--appear foolish.

That's it. That's all I have to say.

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Anonymous said...

Nice letter, keeping this one. As the Big Lie keeps getting recycled over and over, the brainwashed Western dhimmi anti-Israel demonstrators look more and more Code-Pinkish all the time.

Facts, logic and reason are not vogue these days but that doesn't mean that they can be suppressed forever.