Friday, February 18, 2011

Going Deep Undercover at CAIR

A chap who spend some time spying from the inside on CAIR offers the following words of advice:
Working undercover inside CAIR National taught me several valuable lessons. The most important are: 
1.Americans should question the sources within mainstream media. There views are often aligning toward Islamic based terrorist groups. CAIR has spent an enormous amount of money recruiting journalists within the main media organizations….

2.There are many elected officials who support Islamic terrorist organizations and/or who have people on their payroll who do so.

3.CAIR has a better confidential/source network than even our FBI does. Recruiting confidential informants to work on behalf of CAIR (wittingly and unwittingly) is a main priority of CAIR National.

4.CAIR receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from Saudi Arabia.

5.CAIR has a very close relationship with many colleges and universities inside America. The goal is to not necessarily bring non Muslim students into Islam, but rather to use them as future assets in the propaganda war.

6.CAIR and other such organizations conduct ‘Interfaith Meetings’ with Christian and Jewish leaders to use them as allies and tools to help promote the Islamic ideology. CAIR understands many of the Christian leaders are na├»ve and essentially ignorant when it comes down to their understanding of Islam. CAIR uses the ignorance of Christian leaders to advance their organizational goals.
Aw, and here I was planning to attend the next "falafels and tasty samosas get-together" in my town. Scratch that!

FYI, if you're a critic of creeping/rampaging sharia, CAIR could be keeping tabs on you:
There are many people who are on CAIR’s ‘Hit List’. These people and organizations are monitored by CAIR on a daily basis. Such people are Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, ACT For America, The Center For Security Policy, Dave Gaubatz, Tom Trento, and many others.
So watch it, kafir! (Just kidding. Really, keep on trucking--and welcome the CAIR spooks with a great big, "Howdy!")

Some yummy "interfaith" food

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