Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Last Multiculturalist Standing OR Praise the Lord Trudeau and Pass the Tasty Samosas

Is Bernie Farber the last non-Islamic multicultist in the land (I ask you)? From the CJN:
...A very different perspective was offered by Bernie Farber, chief executive officer of Canadian Jewish Congress. Canada, he said, is a young country that has prospered by welcoming people from around the world. They are encouraged to bring with them their unique cultures that with all the others, have “built a strong and vibrant Canada.”

Prime minister Pierre Trudeau “embraced that as part of the ethos of who we are and gave resources to make it strong and ensure we are not like the United States, where people get muddled into a [melting] pot,” he said.

Congress has long supported the principle of multiculturalism, which recognizes that as a community we are both Canadian and Jewish.

“Multiculturalism does not deny Canadianism. Quite the opposite. It allows us to be strong Canadians while allowing us to take a look at your culture and celebrate that as well,” Farber said.

He said Cameron’s rejection of multiculturalism was not applicable to Canada. Canada does not have the same problem of home-grown terrorism and the one case brought to light – the Toronto 18 – was condemned all-around, by Muslim-Canadians as well.

He worried that “those criticizing multiculturalism explain their concerns for the most part by targeting a small minority of immigrants and refugees with extremist religious views and use them as an example of the policy’s failure. Does anyone really believe that if we were to abandon multiculturalism that these extremists would simply go away? In the United States, where the melting-pot concept is the norm, has this occurred? Generalizing the actions of a small extremist minority within immigrant communities to its entirety is a recipe for stereotyping at best and racism at worst.”
Yeah, things are waaay different here in the Trudeaupia. For one thing, we have those wonderful censorship laws to "protect" us from the slings and arrows of, er, Nazis (but only the German, not the Islamotarian, kind; Muslims being deemed even more a protected victim than are the Jews). For another, we're immune to the malign influence of Saudi money, the Muslim Brotherhood, Anwar al Awlaki, Al Shabbab, etc., etc., etc. And instead of eyeing each other with xenophobic susupicion, we try to "build bridges" and "twin" with mosques and "mentor" Somalis and tuck into homemade repasts of tasty fried triangles with our "interfaith" cousins.

There's no jihad/creeping sharia/spiraling Muslim demographics here, you stereotyping racists! And if you say there is, you'll have to answer to a higher authority. No, not Allah. A "human rights" commissar.

Of course, when defending the now thoroughly discredited social doctrine of multiculturalism, the one responsible for the whirlwind Europe is now reaping (described here by "stereotyping racist" Geert Wilders) and Canada is on the cusp of reaping, it helps if, like Farber, you understand the concept not at all. Multiculti is not, as he would have it, "unique cultures" coming together to build "a strong and vibrant Canada." It is premised on the obvious and dangerous falsehood that every culture is equal to every other culture, and has something of equal value to contribute to the land. But that's only the half of it. The other half posits that there is one culture which doesn't quite rise to the level of the others in terms of "vibrancy" and which is therefore not as equal--the culture of the white hegemon, who unleashed a genocide on North American Native peoples and spread its wicked imperialistic ways around the world. In other words, hang your head in shame, Western civ., because you pale in comparison to others' cultural/civilizational "vibrancy."

And that, my friends, that Marxist malarkey, is how such "vibrancy" as "honour" murder, clitorectomy and Islamotarian Zionhass (by no means limited to an "extremist" fringe) made its way to our land and has set up shop here, probably for good--because well-meaning simpletons rushed in and sentimentalized a concept that has turned out to be the equivalent of societal cyanide.

But, hey, decades after multiculti came into effect, there's lots more ethnic fare in the food court of the local mall, and that's a good thing, right?

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