Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Hope' and WHAT!?! Give Me a Freaking Break!

The Progressive Conservatives think they can raise lots of moolah by swiping Obama's hopeychangey spiel. Kathy Shaidle thinks that that tone-deafness is reason enough to withold your shekels. Agreed. But I have another reason for keeping my wallet shut: the one time I foolishly gave them some cash, I never heard the end of it. Thereafter I was inundated with mailings and phone calls requesting more, more, more--none of which resulted in a further donation. The only result, in fact, was that I became really annoyed by the repeated come-ons, and decided never again to donate to the PCs, who had frittered away my piddly donation on stamps and paper in a vain attempt to shake me down for another piddly donation.

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