Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moo Moo's 'Charity' Began at Home--But Didn't Stay There

Along with handing out awards galore, Gadaffi was also deeply into "charity"--or what passes for charity in Arab quarters, i.e. a scheme to get rid of the Zionists disguised very poorly in fleecy sheep's clothing. Here's the statement issued when Moo Moo's, ahem, "charity and development foundation" signed up with UNRWA, the UN's Hamas-staffed Palestinian "refugee" perpetuation scheme. The stated purpose: to, ahem, "reconstruct" Gaza:
The cost of this project is estimated at 50 million U.S. dollars, representing the value of pledges made by Libya at the Doha summit for the reconstruction of Gaza. The project’s implementation reflects recognition of the Foundation’s worldwide humanitarian role, especially after gaining concessions for the Palestinians following the voyage of the ship “Amal.”

The agreement between the Foundation and UNRWA also includes a provision, considered the first of its kind, whereby any funds or pledges received by the Gaddafi Foundation from the Arab states will be directed toward reconstruction projects in Gaza, in accordance with a mechanism to be agreed upon by UNRWA and the Foundation. The agreement was signed at an official ceremony held for the occasion and was attended by a number of members of the Arab Diplomatic Corps and a representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization, as well as a group of journalists.

Following the signing, a press conference was held in which representatives of the parties explained the various aspects of the agreement and the details of the project. They also discussed the manner of implementation for the first project to be agreed upon under the framework of steps to be taken that was announced by the Foundation following the success of the ship “Amal.”

Ahmed Tibi, an Arab MP who attended the signing ceremony, expressed his deep appreciation to the Gaddafi Foundation and stressed the importance of this project, which affirms the Foundation’s credibility and represents a translation of the Amal’s success in achieving its mission into reality.

Ambassador Peter Ford, a representative of the Commissioner General of UNRWA, confirmed the importance of this step taken by the Gaddafi Foundation and the impact it is expected to have in improving the living conditions of thousands of Palestinian families, saying, "This generous contribution from the Gaddafi Foundation would make a real change in the lives of hundreds of families,” and stressed that the success of the Gaddafi Foundation in increasing rebuilding and reconstruction activities, along with bringing materials into Gaza, constitutes a real and important achievement...
Yesterday, he was the UN's beamish boy, a great "humanitarian" who doled out the "charity" shekels to grateful Gazans. Today, he's reviled, persona non grata, just another Arab Ozymandias who's made a collosal wreck of things--vain, grandiose and sublimely ridiculous.

What a difference a day makes, eh?

Update: Sublimely ridiculous, but still a bloodthirsty lunatic.


Carlos Perera said...

An interesting psychological phenomenon is how many modern tyrants have been ridiculous to the point of self parody: Think Hitler with his chaplinesque mannerisms--not to mention the mustache--which made Chaplin's actual parody of him in _The Great Dictator_ so effortless; Mussolini with his _opera buffa_ histrionics; Castro with his guerrilla theater posturing; . . . yet all of these men resonated at a deep level with their supporters (who numbered in the millions). That is a truly disturbing commentary on the political maturity of many (most?) human beings.

scaramouche said...