Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kudos Interruptus

I was about to praise the Obama administration for doing something right for a change (for once)--voting down a Palestinian anti-Israel resolution at the UN. Then I went and read this in the New York Post and the kudos died on my lips:

For a few seconds yesterday, it looked like the US was taking a principled stand with Israel at the UN.
Ambassador Susan Rice blocked a Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, using her very first veto to do so.

It was the right vote.

Too bad she went and opened her mouth right after.

Visibly angry at having to wield a veto at all, Rice unleashed a vile attack on Israel, using language far worse than anything in the resolution itself.

She growled about the "folly and illegitimacy" of Israel's settlement construction. She blamed the Jewish state for "devastat[ing] trust . . . and threaten[ing] the prospects for peace."

She came within a hair's breadth of joining the jackals of Turtle Bay...
I disagree. Israel-despising Rice, an all-too typical Obama factotum, has been in the jackal pack for quite some time.

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