Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Rude, Homophobic Comedian?

Canadians like to think they're morally superior to Americans. As Kathy Shaidle observes, however, that is simply not so so:
There’s a chill in the Not So Great White North, all right. Watch what you say, comedians. Careful what you publish, publishers. Be “nice,” everybody. Or else.
We Canadians think our culture is superior to the more litigious one in the United States. But are tens of thousands of dollars doled out for “hurt feelings” anything to feel smug about?
Alas, I know, having covered these cases for years, that most of my fellow Canadians – hooked up to a lifelong I.V. drip of political correctness and “do something!” do-gooding - are nodding and answering “yes.”
Every lefty agrees that what happened in the U.S. during the 1950s--the blacklist/witch hunt/HUAC/naming names, etc.--was horrible, a blot on America's reputation. But isn't our "human rights" system every bit as Draconian, vile and unfair as McCarthyism? More so, even, because, unlike the U.S., which has a First Amendment protecting free speech, Canada's rationale for state censorship is written right into our revered Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That's like having McCarthyism and HUAC enshrined as state dogma--something Americans would never stand for, but with which Canadians, obviously, have no problem. 

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