Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chill, Dave

David Frum has harsh words for "birthers":
And those who imagine that they somehow enhance the value of that citizenship by belittling the American-ness of their President--they not only disgrace the politics they uphold, but they do damage that will not soon be forgotten by the voters a revived Republicanism must win.
I'm no "birther," but isn't Obama the one who has belittled his "American-ness" by sucking up to Muslim despots and crapping all over American exceptionalism? And isn't his own reticence in releasing all manner of documentation (including his school records) more than a little to blame for giving rise to the "birther" issue? (It was said of British chat show host David Frost that "he rose without a trace." Much the same could be said of Obama.) And, sorry, his dad was born in Kenya, his stepdad was born in Indonesia, where, as "Barry Soetoro," Obama spent a portion of his childhood. Both men were Muslim and he bears two Muslim names. If people have questions re this man's identity, really, who can blame them?

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