Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Terminators

Barbara Kay writes that, out of sheer embarrassment and because people have been countering them, the ISMers have run for cover:
On April 18 and 19 Jews in the Diaspora gathered to their family’s and friends’ seder tables to celebrate Passover. The seder is the single most-observed ritual amongst Jews, even those nominally atheist, because it celebrates liberation from slavery, the defining event of Jewish peoplehood, and a story that speaks to the heart of all who have known oppression.
Precisely because it is sacred to Jews, the seder in recent years has been appropriated by leftwing Jews, eager to prove their loyalty to the rabidly Israel-hating mafia known as the Israel Apartheid Week (IAW). In their “third seder,” they turn the narrative of Jewish liberation from pharaonic oppression upside down and assign the role of victims to the Palestinians with the Hebrews – i.e. Israel – cast as the wicked and rebarbative Pharoah.
I haven’t heard a word about a third seder this year. In fact, one doesn’t hear much from the IAW crowd at all these days. They are lying low from embarrassment, it seems, because events have conspired to ridicule their obsessive fixation on Israel as the sole cause of Arab misery and the only Middle East player whose alleged sins cry out for justice...
They're laying low for now, sure, but Zion-loathers are relentless, and like Ah-nold in The Terminator, they'll be baahk.

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