Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Human Rights" Tribunal Misnomer

What word is on prominent display over at the website of a quasi-judicial body which dispenses with such old-fangled English Common Law niceties as established rules of evidence, fair comment and the presumption of innocence? Why, "FAIRNESS," of course.

Rather Stalinesque, no?

And speaking of unfair and Stalinesque, the same "human rights" kangaroos who subjected Maclean's and Mark Steyn to a show trial but who were too afraid to to convict them of a "hate" crime (the process, as we know, being punishment enough) have come down hard on a comedian whose comedic stylings "offended" a lesbian. (h/t BCF)

I don't know about there being no jokes in Islam (the observation of perennial party-pooper Ayatollah Khomeini), but our "human rights" courts are high-larious!

Update: A poem for the convicted:

There once was a comic named Earle,
Admittedly, a bit of a churl.
He said something graphic
And offended a Sapphic
And now he'll give bankruptcy a whirl.

Update: And here's a double dactyl:

B.C. tribunal has
Punished a Guy who's de-
Cidedly rude.
That's how it works in a
"Rights"-crazed Trudeaupia:
Freed speech "offends" our "pure"
National mood.

Update: As Mark Steyn points out, Earle "apologized" for hurting Lesbian feelings, but leftists abandonned him anyway, and he still has to pay the exorbitant fine. Earle should have learned from the example of Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses. In the wake of Khomeini's fatwa, Rushdie stated publicly that he regretted
profoundly the distress the publication has occasioned to the sincere followers of Islam. Living as we do in a world of many faiths, this experience has served to remind us that we must all be conscious of the sensibilities of others.
Fat lot of good it did him. A fatwa can be rescinded only by the cleric who issued it, and since Khomeini rejected Rushdie's regrets--and the Ayatollah is now dead--the fatwa stands to this day.

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