Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Bell Hell

Melanie Phillips comments on the marriage of Hamas and Fatah:
So Molotov and Ribbentrop are alive and well and living in Gaza and Ramallah. The pact between Fatah and Hamas is of course a marriage of convenience, forged solely to help fool the world into accepting a de facto state of Palestine. If such a pact were to last, then of course it would mean the end of Mahmoud Abbas and the economic and social progress that has been made in Ramallah and environs; these would be replaced by the Iranian satrapy of Hamastan, political dissidents thrown off the tops of tall buildings and women subjected to sexual terrorism and Islamic subjugation.
The fact is that Ramallah wants Gaza to be part of ‘Palestine’ like it wants a hole in the head. The point of the exercise for Abbas is merely to finesse the sticky question of whether ‘Palestine’ will include Gaza, and thus enable Whitehall, Foggy Bottom and Brussels to pretend that Hamas has now decided to stop being genocidal fanatics and become instead liberal democrats keen to show off how many friends they have on Facebook (just like all those nice al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Libya and Egypt). But instead Hamas would swallow the PA, and Ramallah would kiss goodbye to the good life it has been belatedly discovering is distinctly preferable to never-ending war and economic and social enslavement..
Looking to buy the "happy" couple a wedding gift? I hear they're registered at Costco, Crate and Barrel and the UNRWA gift shop.

Update: Jimmy Carter hails the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation.

Well, he would, wouldn't he?

Al Aqsa, manager of the UNRWA gift shop, displays a couple of gift possibilites. ;)

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