Monday, April 25, 2011

Idealistic, Callow, Usefully Imbecilic Western Youth Get In Bed With Barbarians

David Solway writes:
Clearly, the generation now in place will prove largely inadequate to the layered complexity of global politics and the refractory nature of the conflicts that confront them. More and more, these young people give the impression of inner lack, of hosting a vacuum where an identity should be. They are thus prone to what we might call landfill enthusiasms, compensating a void by absorbing the extraneous. Of course, this is an old story—when has it ever been different?—but in today’s intensely politicized world, characterized by the Gramscian rise of the New Left in the media, the entertainment industry and our institutions of “higher” learning, permeating the entire culture, the dilemma has assumed alarming proportions. It is perhaps for this reason these kids are so hard to reach and seem utterly inured to, let’s say, learnable moments. There is no independent center of reflective judgment that can be addressed. To put it metaphorically, our progeny tend to marry young, seeking a dominant partner to give direction and content to their expatriated lives.
With few exceptions, then, they can be expected to make all the wrong decisions, driven by sentimentality, lack of historical awareness, simplistic diagnoses of the world’s ills, and the pro forma and consuming hatred of Jews. This is the legacy of the contemporary left, pursuing in an access of misguided romanticism what David Horowitz has called an “unholy alliance” with a cunning and ruthless enemy. The left’s deluded epigones are the child brides and grooms of the West voluntarily entering into an abusive relationship from which they will not emerge intact, if they emerge at all. Indeed, they bear an eerie resemblance to young Pippa Bacca, the Italian performance artist who, wearing a wedding dress, set out in March 2008 on a “Brides on Tour” pilgrimage through southern Europe and the Middle East, only to be raped and murdered in Turkey.
Believing that a kind of conjugal alliance with an alien and exotic guerrilla culture will relieve them of their anomie and lead to conjoined bliss, the children of the left have formed an intimate relationship with Islam and especially “Palestine,” amounting to an ideological betrothal. But they are in for an unwelcome surprise. The old saws have never been more pertinent. Beware who you get into bed with. Think twice before plighting your troth. A demonic nuptial is surely to be avoided. For in this case, once the alliance is consolidated and the marriage solemnized, no divorce is possible.

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