Thursday, April 28, 2011

'Human Rights' in the Yukon

In our "human rights"-mad Dominion, there's a "human rights" commission and/or tribunal in every province/territory in the land, plus a federal commish and court. Just for fun, and because I've never done it before, I took a gander at the Yukon HRC site. To my shock and dismay, I discovered that
The Yukon Human Rights Commission is an independent commission created by the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Our mandate as laid out in Section 16 of the Yukon Human Rights Act | Yukon Human Rights Act French Version is to:
    Promote principles of human rights
    1. promote the principle that every individual is free and equal in dignity and rights
    2. promote the principle that cultural diversity is a fundamental human value and a basic human right
"Cultural diversity" as a "fundamental human value/ basic human right": you've got to be frikkin' kidding me. It's about as "fundamental" and "basic" a "human right" as "multiculturalism" is--which is to say, not the least bit fundamental or basic; in fact, merely an invention of power-crazed lefties who want to use it to mould society and hold sway over our actions and thoughts.

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Carlos Perera said...

As Mark Steyn never tires of reminding us, the only real human rights are held by the individual vis-a-vis the state. "Group rights" are just a euphemism for the untrammeled use of state power to subject the individual to the whims of those who hold that power.