Friday, April 22, 2011

Peggy Atwood's Tongue-in-Cheeky Idea

The doyenne of Can-lit (how many of her unreadable eye-glazers have you tried to get through?) tells a Glib and Mewler that we Canadians should have a mechanism called a "Dictato-meter."

A what?

A "Dictato-meter." That way we could measure how far we'd strayed from being a liberal democracy into dictatorship territory. (Cheeky Peggy obviously thinks that's where we're heading with Stephen Harper in charge.)

Tell me, Ms. A.: Would your Dictato-meter measure the Soviet-like machinations of our "human rights" apparatus, or is it set to hone in solely on loath├ęd Tories? If, as I suspect, it's the latter, then it isn't so much a Dictato-meter as it is a cudgel for poseurs and bien pensants who feel threatened by a certain type of agenda (scary, hidden, non-Socialist, etc).

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