Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Sex, Please, I'm Jihadi

From the Telegraph:
Abd al-Rahim Hussein Muhammad Abdah al-Nashiri, a Saudi Arabian, was said to have reported directly to Osama bin Laden. His interrogators reported: “Detainee is so dedicated to jihad that he reportedly received injections to promote impotence and recommended the injections to others.”
He received the injections “so more time could be spent on jihad – rather than being distracted by women”.
According to the notes, al-Nashiri was allegedly “the senior operative” in the attack on USS Cole, an American destroyer, in October 2000. Seventeen US sailors were killed in the suicide attack in a Yemeni port, while dozens were injured...
Presumably, the injections have no effect on one's posthumous potency with one's virginal harem.

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