Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Vote For Layton Is a Vote For Durban III

Jewish? Considering whether or not to vote for the purportedly "surging" Jack Layton? Please don't. Vote for him, I mean. If you and enough other Canadians do, you can be certain that Canada will be going to Durban III and all the other UN anti-Zionism hoe-downs, and Canada will take its place once again as a member in good standing of the UN Zion-loathers' club.

Don't believe me? Here's Happy Jack's "heartfelt" statement on the occasion of this year's International Holocaust Rembembrance Day:
Today marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the Nazi death camps. This solemn anniversary was declared International Holocaust Remembrance Day by the United Nations just a few years ago, and gives us an opportunity honour the memory of Holocaust victims. 

We can never forget the hatred that destroyed an entire generation, as those that survived were forced to live with the memory of the evil they had encountered.

Today is a day of remembrance, but we cannot forget that intolerance still exists around the world today and there is much work to be done.
As I commented at the time:
That's a pretty neat trick, Jacko--remembering the Holocaust without ever once mentioning the Jews. ("An entire generation" destroyed, eh? What a hollow and generic way to put it.) No doubt your many Muslim fans (the Muslim minority having overtaken the Jewish one in numbers and growing e'er larger by the day) would approve.
Update: A vote for Layton is also a vote for our wretched, quasi-totalitarian "human rights" system. Recall that when Maclean's and Mark Steyn were forced to face kangaroo "justice" in a B.C. show trial, Happy Jack sided with Elmo's racket:
Only a handful of left-wing radicals — including Jack Layton, whose letter of support was read out by [Canadian Islamic Congress lawyer] Mr. Joseph at yesterday's press conference — are defending the CIC-Maclean's fight as a natural, acceptable event in a mature democratic civilization.
Also in an immature, undemocratic (not to mention Islamist) one.

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