Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Song Layton Sang To His Asian 'Masseuse'?

Update: You do know Jack--he was caught buck nekkid, in a whorehouse, with a smile on his face (until the cops burst in and spoiled his fun, that is).

Update: They just keep on comin':

Jackie nabbed in a cathouse? Oh, dear.
His damage control is in gear.
Though caught sans his trousers
He will blame rabble rousers
Who want to destroy his career.

The best little whorehouse in T.O.?
Ask Jack Layton--he knows where to go.
With the help of an Asian
You can rise to the occasion
And, with luck, folks'll never ever know.

Update: A funny feline suggests that NDP stands for "No Damn Pants."

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