Thursday, April 21, 2011

G'head. Guess Whose Side State Censorship Booster BMF Is On Re the BCHRT v. Earle Case?

Here's his tweet:
Comic loses HRC case, alleged viloent (sic) behaviour and horribly abusive language see decision here
Alleged viloent (sic) behaviour and horribly abusive language? You bet. But that was from the Lesbians (who hurled drinks at comedian Guy Earle's head and made snarky remarks about his penile shortcomings--something these gals couldn't possibly know about first-hand).


Paul said...

BMF is a urinal licker.

scaramouche said...

Hi Paul--I posted your comment because I believe in free speech, even though I think it's ugly and adds nada to the conversation. (See how this free expression stuff is supposed to work, Bernie?)

Paul said...

yup I agree on most of what you're saying scaramouche. (especially the "ugly" part.)

Graffiti is supposed to work that way. It was intended to be an appropriate response to BMF's "ugly" public commentary.

cheers :)