Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saudis to World: Keep Your Eyes on the Lies

With the Arab world in general disarray (which has nothing to do Israel) the Saudis fear that the truth of  the Israeli-Palestinian situation (i.e. that it's at best a sideshow and not the whole enchilada) will become evident. They have therefore taken steps to ensure that the focus remains on that e'er-elusive "peace" between Jews and Arabs. From Arab News:
NEW YORK: Saudi Arabia asserted on Thursday that the Arab-Israeli conflict still overshadowed and dominated all the issues in the Middle East and called for finding a quick solution to the problem to promote world peace and stability.
"There is no other regional conflict that has a greater impact on world peace that the Arab-Israeli conflict," said Omar bin Ali Al-Oyaidi, acting charge d'affairs at the Saudi mission in the United Nations...
Here's a mental exercise that just about anyone can do: imagine that "peace" does come to pass between Arabs and Jews. Now, try to imagine what impact that "peace" will have on the Arab's predilection for tyranny and Islamism (which I understand to be the will to power of those who believe in the primacy of sharia)? If it's the type of "peace" the Arabs long for--the "peace" and quiet of dead Jews and triumphant Muslims--it will only encourage the tyrants and Islamists, thereby engendering greater discord and instability worldwide.

Nice try though, Wahhabis.

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