Friday, April 22, 2011

The Earle Smackdown Shows Up on U.S. Radar

Found this FOX account of the Earle story on Drudge. Laughed at the headline (Lesbian Insults Get Comic Fined) and at the final para:
Tribunal member Murray Geiger-Adams said Earle repeated vulgar language in public and attacked Pardy's identity and dignity as a woman and a lesbian and ordered the payment for lost wages and for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect.
"Vulgar language in public"? At a comedy club? How perfectly awful! I hope someone thought to haul out the smelling salts so that the injured Pardy, shrinking violent/blushing flower that she is (who mere moments prior to her altercation with the "vulgar" one had been sucking face with her gal pal and disrupting his spiel), didn't faint dead away. Hats of to you, Murray Geiger-Adams, chivalrous commissar, defender of blushing maidens and hyper-sensitive, self-esteem-challenged Lesbians!

Update: Murray seems to be a pushover for a gal with a sob story, as can be seen in this Ceeb report from last year:
B.C.'s Human Rights Tribunal has awarded nearly $8,000 to a woman it says was sexually harassed by a co-worker and then fired for complaining.
Corina Soroka testified before the tribunal in August that co-worker Ian MacDonnell sent her sexually suggestive text messages and on one occasion took her to his private residence under the pretext of doing some work.
MacDonnell denied harassing the woman, and Dave Rouleau, the owner at Dave's Custom Metal Works Ltd. in Port Coquitlam, B.C., said Soroka was going to be laid off even before she raised the complaints.
But tribunal member Murray Geiger-Adams said in his decision Wednesday it's unlikely Soroka's employment would have been terminated if she hadn't disclosed the sexual harrassment.
Geiger-Adams awarded Soroka $2,912 in lost wages and $5,000 for injury to her dignity, feelings and self-respect.
Again with the "dignity, feelings and self-respect"? Oh, brother. Kind of makes you pine for the bad old Mad Men days when there were no Murray Geiger-Adamses around to fine employers and boost chicks' self-esteem; a time when guys were free to be mashers and chase secretaries around their desk.

Update: A poem for Murray:

Give a cheer for dear Murray G-A
Who has such a chivalrous way.
Like a Dudley Do-Right
He will take up your fight
And make all the Snidely Guys pay.


Corina said...

Before saying that I am a "girl with a sob story" maybe actually read what happened. I was a metal worker and i am still struggling to get back into my trade because of the flack I get about sticking up for myself. I had every right too.

To fill you in a little bit about what happened. I was on medical from injuring myself on the shear, a coworker got my number from the secretary and started harassing me asking for sexual favors. I complained and he was warned, I went back to work, and he manipulated his role as supervisor to get me to go to another shop. There wasn't anyone else at this shop and it turned out to be his home. he threatened me saying i shouldn't have told, that he will get me fired, and still came on to me. Im 21 and he was in his 50's it sickened me I complained again and was fired. how would you react?. not only is it hard to be a woman in trades but also to have this now on my record and people like you that wont even READ into what happened, just assume. I went through emotional pain and suffering as well as debt because of losing my job out of nowhere.

I spent the money on my DEBTS and LIVING expenses while looking for an apprenticeship, someone to give me a shot.

I'm a metal worker not your local hooters waitress. I was not asking for anything, I wasn't in a skirt and tube top, I was in my coveralls with a big baggy T-shirt.

I would appreciate it if you wouldn't bash innocent people, we have a hard enough time getting on with our lives and fighting to get back into the workforce because of people with the same idea as you.

Linda Soroka said...

OMG you have got to be kidding me!! If you had any sense at all and read the whole report you would see that we all have to stand up for ourselves or idiots like those will continue to get away with crap on the job. We don't want that sort of thing becoming the norm. What if it was your mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend? You'd want her to stand up for herself. Now if it wasn't a legit case she wouldn't have won!