Monday, April 25, 2011

TIME Reads Too Much--and, Alas, Too Little--Into Turkish Centerfold

A Turkish chick is disorbing for German Playboy, an apparently ephochal event, at least as TIME Magazine sees it:
The appearance of Turkish-German actress Sila Sahin's attractive, naked body in the May issue of Playboy magazine shows how young women with immigrant backgrounds can rid themselves of religious and cultural constraints, without needing to cite statistics or elaborate arguments provided by integration experts.
In that case, no need to mention how formerly secular Turkey is slipping into Islamism, or cite statistics about the "honour killings" of young women who had tried to "rid themselves of religious and cultural constraints," only to feel the wrath of aggrieved male kinfolk who, for religio-cultural reasons, could not tolerate such saucy and independent behaviour.

Update: A song for Sila:

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