Friday, April 22, 2011

One Man's 'Heroic Rebel' is Another Man's Unrepentant Jihadi

Sen. John McCain, on a visit to some of Libya's hot spots, is praising the "heroic rebels" who are trying to depose the despot.

But who, exactly, are these rebels?

One report describes them as
a motley collection of secular merchants, Islamic fundamentalists, longtime dissidents, tribal leaders, civil servants, monarchists and angry young men.
Some of them are gung ho "to establish a new state on the basis of democracy" and "do not want an Islamist government." Then again
many of the rebels do. They include the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which spent years trying to oust Khadafy and establish an Islamic state in Libya.
Guess you aren't praising those "heroic rebels," huh, Senator?

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