Thursday, April 21, 2011

Both Sides Fling Slings and Arrows at Sun News TV

Tasha Kheiriddan (on the right) doesn't like it because there are too many skinny, bare-armed chick news anchors wearing skimpy dresses; she also thinks Ezra Levant's set is less than dazzling. Harpoon Siddiqui (of the Islamo-left) doesn't like it because it's too--wait for it--"Republican," as is Stephen Harper.

Me? I think it's grand to hear an hour-long monologue by the irascible Ezra Levant every day, even if his set doesn't have that Ceeb flash and dash (which, after all, comes at a huge cost--a billion dollars of our money each year) and there are no "himbos" for us gals to gaze upon.

Update: A question for Barbara Hall--aren't you going to do anything about people demeaning Sun TV women by calling them "skanks"? (That's tongue-in-cheek, of course, because I don't want Babs to do any such thing; she's doing quite enough--too much--as it is. Also, we all know that, these being right-wing chicks [and not, say, lesbians or members of some other designated victim group], it's perfectly okay to offend them.)


Carlos Perera said...

Are you implying that Ezra is not the Adonis of the Frozen North?

scaramouche said...

He's kind of cute, but he's no Colin Firth.

Unknown said...

look at this mouche:

Louise said...

"Ezra is not the Adonis of the Frozen North?"

LOL!! I like Ezra, but somehow "Adonis" is not an image I would normally associate with him.

Louise said...

Oh, and I am a little disappointed so far with what I've seen. But, it's still early. There are so many issues that need to be explored from a conservative point of view. I hope they move off of some of the old stuff they've been covering that have already been done to death by bloggers.

scaramouche said...

scream--Too funny!

Louise--I'm just happy there's a non-moonbat Canucki TV channel on the air now.