Thursday, March 1, 2012

Compare the UN "Human Rights" Council's Overheated Rush to Judgement When Israel Killed a Handful of Flotilla Jihadis Versus Its Tepid and Laggardly Response to Assad the Slaughterer

There's no comparison. Mere days after Israel boarded a flotilla full of Turkish jihadis intent on breaking the Gaza blockade, killing several IDF-thrashing would-be blockade runners, the UN "human rights" racket condemned Israel for using what it called "incredible violence." Whereas months and months into a Syrian tyrant's butchery, resulting in at least 7,5000 deaths, the same UN "human rights" cretins (who--no joke--had planned to give Syria a seat on their  august body last Mayhave finally gotten around to condemning it:
As the Syrian military tightened its deadly vise on a besieged neighborhood of the central city of Homs, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted on Thursday to condemn the government of President Bashar al-Assad for widespread violations of human rights in the crackdown on its opponents.       
"Widespread violations of human rights" in a "crackdown" on "opponents"--why, that doesn't sound nearly as bad as the "incredible violence" that took place on that Turkish boat.

The two statements--and their vastly different time frames--tell you all you need to know about this alleged, this grotesque excuse for a "human rights" organization.

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