Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Apparently There's No Human Right to Not Have Your Pocket Picked for the Benefit of Canada's "Human Rights" Mausoleum

Not for Canadian taxpayers, and not for union members:
SISLER High School teacher Matthew Stacey is a staunch union member and supporter of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights -- coming from a long line of Welsh miners will do that to someone.
But he bristles when his own union, the Manitoba Teachers' Society, wants to spend $1.5 million in union dues -- $91 over five years from Stacey -- to name a classroom in the new museum.  
"The issue isn't about giving money away, the issue is about consulting people," said Stacey. "You have to go out and actively inform people. At this school, most teachers had no clue."  
Stacey said it should be left to individuals to choose their charities. "This is not about the museum and I'm not anti-union. I don't think they have any right to dictate their conscience to us."  
Stacey has called on Gail Asper, a trustee with the CMHR and the driving force behind the museum as president of the Asper Foundation, to reject the $1.5 million from the MTS.  
"All citizens of Canada are entitled to freedom of conscience and freedom of association, and for me, charitable donations are guided by conscience," Stacey wrote to Asper. "The irony of fundamental rights and freedoms being contravened in the name of a human rights charity is both unfortunate and unsettling."...
Gee, that's exactly how I feel as a taxpayer been forced to fund this laughingstock.

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