Monday, June 24, 2013

Jimmy Carter' Splains What's Behind Female Subservience in Much of the Islamic World

He's pretty sure he knows what it's about:
In the Islamic world that [women's progress in becoming clergy] varies widely depending on what the regime is in the capital. Sometimes they try to impose very strict law, misquoting I think the major points of the Qur’an, and they ordain that a woman is inferior inherently.
Misquoting? I think not.

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Carlos Perera said...

I just love it when Western apologists for the enemies of the West try to parse the founding scriptures of the latter's ideologies--it has been done to the _Communist Manifesto_, _Mein Kampf_, Mao's _Little Red Book_, and, of course, the Koran--usually contradicting, in the process, the public utterances of the most fervent, best versed adherents of said ideologies. Mr. Carter really should be tied to a chair in a darkened room, while an endless loop of MEMRI videos is played for him on a large screen until he gets it.