Friday, June 28, 2013

Section 13 is Dead. Is It Me, Or Does Jonathan Kay Sound Underwhelmed By Its Demise?

Mark Steyn posts Jonathan Kay's thoughts on the death of state censorship, a development which Kay attributes primarily to a post-9/11 sensibility. After reading it over twice, however, I found  I found Kay's words on the matter to be fairly tepid.

No, I take it back--they're extremely tepid. 

While crediting Ezra Levant and Steyn for their fight, Kay still gets in his digs at both of them, and credits Globe and Mail opiner Doug Saunders for getting it right re Islamic demographics. (Saunders' half-baked ideas can summarized like this: hey, don't sweat the big stuff--like global jihad.)

Kay, too, seems disinclined to want to sweat it, a function, it appears, of his post-Among the Truthers mentality. Ever since writing that book, in which he exposes "troofers" on the left but also lashes out at "extremists" on the right, one of whom is the decidedly non-extreme and perfectly sensible David Solway, Kay has been trying to position himself as a calm, cool, dispassionate centrist, and his writing has suffered as a result.

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