Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today in Nothing To Do With Islam: Cambridge U. Study Reveals Wide-Scale Support Among Teens in "Moderate" Jordan for "Honor" Crimes Has NTDWI

I'm sure you'll be relived to know that Islam is not seen as a factor in these murders:
The belief that so-called "honour killings" are justified continues to be common among Jordanian teenagers, a new Cambridge University study says.
The study by researchers from the university's Institute of Criminology found that almost half of boys and one in five girls interviewed in the capital, Amman, believe that killing a daughter, sister or wife who has "dishonoured" or shamed the family, is justified. 
"Researchers surveyed over 850 students, and found that attitudes in support of honour killing are far more likely in adolescent boys with low education backgrounds," a statement said, adding that the reesearch is published in the criminology journal Aggressive Behavior
"Importantly, the study found that these disturbing attitudes were not connected to religious beliefs." 
So-called "honour" murders claim between 15 and 20 women's lives, on average, every year in the Arab kingdom. 
The main factors behind these crimes "include patriarchal and traditional worldviews, emphasis placed on female virtue and a more general belief that violence against others is morally justified", according to the study...
Nope, not a bit of Islam in any of that. ;)

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