Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jew-Hate Is Alive and Well and Living in...Boston?

WELLESLEY, Mass. (AP) — Babson College plans to offer a formal apology for anti-Semitic actions taken by students 35 years ago before and during a crucial soccer game with Brandeis University
The Boston Globe reports ( that Babson President Len Schlesinger will apologize Wednesday. He'll also announce a partnership with the Anti-Defamation League on a program to eliminate bigotry. 
The ADL says that in November 1978, several players at Babson, a private business school based in the Boston suburb of Wellesley, hung a sign in the gym that read "Happy Holocaust" during the game with Brandeis, a school in nearby Waltham with a large Jewish population. 
The ADL says Babson players also wore swastikas during the final practice before the game and yelled "Holocaust!" and other anti-Semitic slurs to boost morale
A statement by the ADL says the "insulting and ignorant actions left a bitter taste in the mouths of everyone at Brandeis."
Who do these Babson players think they are? QuAIA?

Update: In light of the above story, this is freaking hysterical (not my bolds):

Diversity at Babson

A Prerequisite for Success in a Global Environment 
In an increasingly complex, changing, and interdependent world, collaboration is at once more critical than ever and more challenging. The technologies exist to bring different people together; what is needed is experience working closely with people from different cultures and countries, bridging differences and leveraging the strengths each person brings to the table. 
Babson's mission is to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value—everywhere. We have embraced a strategic vision that states our commitment to create “a diverse, multicultural and inclusive community of highly talented students, faculty and staff characterized by respect, understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness and value of all people.” 
Inclusivity begins with the diversity represented in our student body...
"Happy Holocaust" and "inclusivity"/"diversity" don't seem to go together too well. Just sayin'.

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