Saturday, June 29, 2013

Toronto's Dyke Parade--Come for the Political Statement, Stay for the Ta-Tas

Topless lesbians making a political statement--what more could one ask for on an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon?
Join the Toronto Sun's Julia Alexander for live coverage of Saturday's Dyke March — part of the city's Pride Week events.
But don't confuse it with Sunday's Pride Parade, organizers say, because "the march is not a parade but a political rally."
The event caters to lesbians and transgendered people, but encourages every one to come out and support the march which, "strive to dismantle racism, transphobia, classism, and ableism."...
What about striving to dismantle loopy, self-important Marxism? I'm waiting for the parade/political rally that'll tackle that madness.

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