Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saudi Sharia Police Take a Pro-Active Approach to Law Enforcement Vis-a-Vis Lacy Unmentionables

I bet plenty of Wahhabi officers are volunteering for this gig:
The Labor Ministry is warning that it will intensify raids on abaya and lingerie shops from July 8, in association with related departments, to ensure they are run by Saudi women and follow the necessary conditions. 
“We have plans to restrict more jobs to women gradually,” the ministry said.
Lingerie and abaya shops that violate employment rules would be listed among the Red category and denied of the ministry’s services. 
“Employing women in abaya and lingerie shops is a must as it comes as part of the ministry’s efforts to create more jobs for Saudi women, especially in sectors related to women,” said a ministry official. 
“All shops should meet the criteria before July 7,” he added. 
In a related development, Saudi businessmen have called for the setting up of specialized companies to provide various services such as plumbing, cleaning and electrical services to meet manpower shortage following the departure of thousands of illegals...
Sorry, but I'm having a hard time seeing how setting up plumbing services and a raid on the Riyadh Victoria's Secret are "related." (Only in Saudi Arabia, eh?)

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